NSP Airwave Foil FW 2000

NSP Airwave Foil FW 2000

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NSP Airwave Foil FW 2000

FW 2000

The big daddy – the FW 2000 is the Cadillac of the allround front wings. Less accentuated curvature than the FW 1700 FW 1325 means a higher degree of lift and directional stability. Expect a smooth ride with sustained glide and exceptional bottom-end performance for riders taking the FW 2000 in the surf, a wake or wing foiling. If it wasn’t already stable, the winglets increase directional stability even further.

15% more surface area than the FW 1700, it’s ideal for bigger riders. A wing span of 100cm makes this the big daddy of our allround front wings.

“This wing’s interesting, as it looks massive but doesn’t behave like other big surface foils. Its speed envelope is surprisingly deep when wingfoiling – meaning it doesn’t saturate in speed as you’d expect.”
Alain Teurquetil, foil board designer

You are not going to turn this foil on a dime, but its sustained gide and consistent lift, even at lower speeds are very rewarding when the conditions are small. Out of all allround front wings, the FW 2000 is the most stable and directional one. For wingfoilers, the FW 2000 foil is a must!

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