Isurus Alpha 3mm Gloves
Isurus Alpha 5mm Gloves
Isurus Alpha 5mm Gloves
Isurus Alpha 5mm Gloves

Isurus Alpha 5mm Gloves

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Isurus Alpha 5mm Gloves.

You won’t find a 3 mm wetsuit glove with better dexterity and warmth. The Isurus wetsuit glove is made from 100% Yamamoto #40 neoprene.

Ti Alpha wetsuit glove only absorbs 2% of its weight in water compared to 40-60% with competitor neoprene gloves.

Cold water-logged water robs your body of heat 25x faster than air. No wasting precious body heat warming a cold water logged neoprene glove.

The neoprene glove is lined with Titanium to reflect heat back at your fingers and hands with no increase in thickness or weight.

Yamamoto claims a 40% increase in temp rating with Yamamoto neoprene lined with Titanium. I’m not comfortable going that far, but we agree it is definitely a big increase.

Anatomical Designed glove that contours to your hand for added dexterity, warmth and comfort. You get increased feel of your board and gear in cold, unforgiving conditions

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