Introduction to SUP

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What you will learn:
  • Safety is both a mindset and a skill set. How to enjoy SUP and keep yourself out of trouble. 
  • Equipment considerations from board design/sizing/purchase options, paddle characteristics, immersion gear, safety regulations and essentials
  • Board transport and care
  • Launching and landing techniques
  • Paddling Skills - finding your stability, proper paddling technique and efficiency, forward stroke, turning strokes, self-rescue and environmental risk assessments
  • Basic environmental forecasting and weather considerations

What to bring:​​
  • At HFX Paddlesurf we are here to provide first-timers with a fantastic first SUP experience...from high quality equipment to high quality instruction...all you need to do is show up!
  • If you have your own gear bring it along but you are also welcome to demo/use our gear as well! 
  • Change of clothes

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