Black Project Hydro FlowX
Black Project Hydro FlowX 2020
Black Project Hydro FlowX 2020

Black Project Hydro FlowX 2020

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**Custom cut to your size**

**2021 Models in stock**

The World’s First Three-Dimensional Paddle

Featuring a completely reimagined design, the Hydro FlowX is a paddle unlike any other. At first glance, your eyes will pop at the feature on the neck of the blade an innovative new design that we call Advanced Flow Technology (AFT). It is designed to significantly increase paddle efficiency and smoothness by reducing turbulence and unwanted blade movements. The AFT increases blade efficiency, reduces fatigue, and protects the body so that you can paddle faster, more often, and longer.

By guiding the water and controlling the paddle stroke the AFT stabilizes the forces generated by the Deep Power Scoop (DPS). By Totally eliminating any side-to-side movements, this technology reduces the stress on your joints and saves energy. 100% of your effort goes into the paddle stroke and not controlling the blade. The result is the Hydro FlowX is the most durable paddle blade ever produced, this leads to reduced fatigue and a significant reduction in injury leaving you to paddle faster for longer and more often.

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