NSP Airwave Foil FW 1325

NSP Airwave Foil FW 1325

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NSP Airwave Foil FW 1325

FW 1325

As the smallest of the allround front wings, the FW 1325 brings just 1325 cm to the table but it still is the cornerstone of the NSP Airwave Setup. That’s why we created a complete set built around this wing for just that reason.

A moderate foil profile offers a wide range of use, with a smooth ride and great speed. Recommended as the perfect setup for surf, wake, lighter- and middleweight SUP foilers.

“The FW 1325 became my go to wing after I learned to fly. I use it for anything from 2 feet to head high, as it pumps very well. When I manage to get enough speed out of the swell, it can be even better than the FW 1700 for connecting double dips, as it’s more manoeuvrable but still very stable because of the moderate profile of the wing.”

“This is the perfect wing for learning to carve, double dip and becoming comfortable with speed (I’ve clocked it up to 30 km/h in waves).”

Omar Sanchez, foil ambassador Colombia

Due to the wide range of use, the FW 1325 comes standard with the Airwave FW 1325 set, as this is a perfect set for lighter riders wanting to get into foiling as well. In combination with the 70cm mast, the 70cm fuselage and the RW 330 rear wing, this Airwave set is perfect for watermen wanting to fly over, instead of on the water!

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