Which Wetsuit is right for me when I'm Surfing?

Vissla wetsuit


Thats a loaded question!

Some Surfers have a wetsuit for every condition, Summer Shorty's like the Isurus Shield 2.2 Zipfree to the Harshest Winter Suit like the Vissla North Seas 5.5/4.5

We'll do a quick break down of what suits work in what temperatures for Surfing whether you're in British Columbia, Quebec or Nova Scotia. As temperatures get colder you can also add an accessory like the Isurus Alpha Ti Hood

2mm - Summertime suits for temperatures over 18 degrees Celsius 

3mm - Spring/Summer suits for temperatures in the 13-18 degrees Celsius range

4mm - Spring/Fall Suits for temperatures in the 10-15 degrees Celsius range

5mm - Fall/Winter suits for temperatures in the 3-10 degrees Celsius range

6mm - Winter Suits for the harshest temperatures, watch for ice in the water!

As the suits neoprene thicker you get less mobility and flexibility in them. Thats why we only carry suits that use Japanese Limestone Neoprene in them. They hold less water, stay more flexible, are environmentally friendly and keep you warmer.

And don't forget your Booties and Gloves

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