Slowtide Change Ponchos

Slowtide Change Ponchos

I did some research before deciding on what change poncho to stock. Most of the offerings did little if anything to inspire me.

Then I found Slowtide. Along with the ponchos they do towels for beach and yoga plus some nice beach blankets.

Then I ordered the ponchos to sell. GAME CHANGER!

Longer (at least it feels longer), heavier weight fabric, super plush and roomy. It's amazing. I chose the Ranger as my personal one and love it. Its great for surf or just lounging around in.

Now some more details. The Ranger and Digs are the heaviest and most plush. Think super comfy bath towel. Next up is the Oso. Not as plush but it still feels great. Last up is the Cade. Its the lightest of the material, think Mexican blanket and that's the feel you get from it.

They're all cut the same length and width for the available sizes S/M and L/XL 


Chest: 25.5 inches

Length: 41 inches



Chest: 31.5 inches

Length: 44.5 inches 

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