People sometimes have a tough time getting reviews for products. Most reviews have a little “incentive” behind them whether it’s monetary or free gear. Regardless it’s still tough to get the review you want. Chris Wagner (@surf_wag on IG) saw that we were carrying VISSLA wetsuits and contacted me right away. He is stoked about his suit. Check out the suits on our Paddles and Accessories page. We are also pretty stoked to be carrying @sisstrevolution¬†ladies suits soon.

His words and photos by Joseph Allison (@joseph.allison_ on IG)

” I have been using the 6/5 mm Vissla seven seas for the 2018/2019 winter here in Nova Scotia. I also had a Patagonia R5 for comparison this year. I have had multiple sessions in both days where I was able to use both suits. This has provided the opportunity for a great assessment of the Vissla. The Vissla is as warm as the Patagonia at significantly lower price point. The Vissla is also more flexible. The suit has excellent cuts and fits the body with no looseness. The suit is also excellent against flushing. This is an affordable suit that has rivalled all of the bing brands I have used over the years. I am happy that Nova Scotians now have a chance to check these suits out locally.

Bottom line, this is the warmest winter wetsuit I have worn in 20 years of winter surfing. ”