Want longer days on the board? A faster paddle stroke? You’ve invested in a great new Standup Paddle board and your next purchase should be a good, lightweight paddle with a stiff and properly sized blade.

The weight of the paddle should be your first consideration. 100 grams is almost a quarter pound. A paddle that is 100 grams heavier than another paddle means you will move 10 pounds a minute more if you have a stroke rate of 40 strokes per minute. 600 pounds a hour…no thanks.

Blade size is also important. Bigger is not better. it just means your puling more water. I’m 6’4″ and 240 pounds but my Blackfish Andaman is 520 sqcm. Smaller means higher cadence and less muscle fatigue. Lance Armstrong proved that higher cadences are faster than brute strength (dope too…but they were all on it).

Next the paddle has to be the right length for the board your riding. Too long or short can mean back or shoulder injuries. I will always let a customer try an adjustable for a couple weeks to dial in the correct length.

Check out this link to Blackfish Paddles that we carry at Halifax Paddlesurf. Canadian owned and designed. Using environmentally responsible materials and practices.