Setting up a solid SUP training program is key to reaching your full athletic potential and goals. Read The 10 Golden Rules of SUP Training and the detailed article that follows to help set up an effective SUP training program.

The 10 Golden Rules Of SUP Training

Paddleboard racing using stand up paddles or sup training

1. A high volume of training without sufficient intensity will fail to produce improvement, just as the opposite is true.

Translation: Don’t complete a 10 mile training paddle like you are on a lazy river tube ride or paddle only 2 miles like a bat out of hell.

2. If a workout is too hard or does not focus on the correct systems, a paddler will not improve or can lose previous gains.

Translation: Don’t push yourself until you are foaming at the mouth and don’t paddle 15 miles the day before your 5 mile race.

3. The work to rest ratio is extremely important and the exact specifications are unique to each individual athlete.

Translation: Don’t do a high intensity paddle interval and go straight into the next high intensity interval without taking a rest period. Also, don’t copy your friends workouts everyday.

4. Training load should build from week to week within each mesocycle and from mesocycle to mesocycle within the macrocycle.

Translation: Each week the volume and intensity of your workouts should slowly increase with easier weeks every 3rd or 4th week.

5. Volume and intensity must be periodically increased and decreased to produce improvements. Without this an athlete’s fitness will stay the same or decrease.

Translation: The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Don’t paddle 4 miles every other day at the exact same pace and expect to make long term improvements.

6. High intensity workouts should be done with sufficient rest in between each session. More than 24 hours are generally necessary for proper recovery.

Translation: Don’t overdo it! Doing less is usually better when it comes to your training.

7. Each cycle should be followed by an easier week to allow for rest and recovery before the next cycle begins.

Translation: Let your body heal as you ramp up your training. This is how you make the big gains!

8. Specific preparation leading up to a race can make a huge difference in the success of a training plan.

Translation: If you plan to race in choppy water you should be training in choppy conditions or if you have a beach race you should be practicing your running beach starts.

9. Pay attention to your nutrition during training.

Translation: Training without paying attention to your nutrition is like putting cheap gas in a Ferrari. Your body is like a high performance Italian sports car, give it good fuel!

10. Plan out your training schedule in order to maximize the efficiency of each workout.

Translation: Fail to plan, plan to fail.

These are the basic rules for the foundation of any successful SUP training program. Now let’s learn the format you should be following during the days, weeks and months leading up to your race.

Next week I will post an article about periodization.

You can look at a formal SUP Training program by checking out Larry Cain’s site Paddlemonster