We can learn a lot from people to get more enjoyment from our Stand Up Paddleboard. Bot how do we fix those Stand Up Paddleboard Stroke Flaws? Here are a couple links to help. Things we should focus on? Straight Shaft, Good Catch and clean exit.

Especially in the paddle stroke area. People like Jim Terrell, Larry Cain orJohn Puakea can offer a lot just by watching some videos of them on Youtube and practising out on the water during a workout or a leisurely paddle. Heres a link to one of Jim’s articles. Personally I question the impact of #4 when there are so many other things going on but who am I to question a Master!

paddle stroke technique

Four Fatal Stroke Flaws

Heres a couple of great videos by Jim Terrell

Try a clinic or get some tips from a friend. Practice developing competency in one thing at a time. An effective paddle stroke can have many benefits. Whether you are racing, surfing or touring. It will help save energy, time and effort.