Race Boards


The design is a planning hull hybrid and is able to paddle in all conditions. Where Blackfish shines is in the elements. Ocean, upwind, downwind, chop, in and out of surf. The stability is built in through the outline and innovative concave design. The planing hull rides on top of the water rather than parting it away like a displacement hull. This makes for very fast get up and go and higher max sprint speeds. “Like skipping a stone” Blackfish likes to sprint and take off from the line. 2018 gained even more stability allowing riders to size down in width and continue to push the speed limits. If you paddle mostly in the ocean or in a flat-water area that has lots of boat traffic and/or changing seasons and conditions Blackfish is for you and will be ready. Blackfish comes standard with Larry Allison/Probox 4 fin set up.


BLACKFISH 14′   $3999.00


We offer two styles of cockpits to accommodate your preference and fine tune your ride. Whiplash is available with its signature “flat deck” as well as our new “dugout” deep recessed deck

Flat deck is recommended for paddlers that cross over to ocean paddling, light chop, and like the freedom to roam the deck like a surfboard. Dugout version is recommended for paddlers looking for max stability and pushing themselves to narrower widths. The Whiplash gained more volume where you need it and a new innovative hybrid step tail designed bottom developed by Dave Boehne. This design has next level glide and is the best version Whiplash to date. Flat water to mild chop, this board is your choice.

14′   $4299.00

EVO $3500.00

The EVO is designed as your one board quiver, it is a board that can handle all conditions from your perfect glassy water right up to your epic Downwind.

In the bigger sizes the EVO also makes a great touring board for those that want to just go for a nice long paddle and be sure no matter what the weather throws at them the board will have you covered.

EVO PRO $3850.00

The EVO PRO is your one board quiver a board that loves the flat water as much as it loves the ocean.

With the full Dugout standing area to help with Stability and water flow, it also allows for ONE’s sups unique volume placement. The EVO PRO will take your paddling to that next level that you have been chasing.

If you are chasing versatility with a board and only want that one board then the EVO PRO is that perfect board for you.

EDGE 2.0 $3850.00

Building on our first generation EDGE the EDGE 2.0 has been two years in the making. The EDGE 2.0 is faster, more stable, turns better as well as also now being a great board for BOP racing and some upwind down wind paddling. It still has it’s amazing glide but has been improved with a better top end speed.

A few of the real big improvements have come from the extra stability which now allows you to really put the power down even in quite bumpy water.For upwind the nose and tail have been designed to work together to allow for amazing upwind and side wind ability. The down wind side the EDGE 2.0 is super fast.

EDGE PRO $3850

When speed is what you are chasing then the EDGE PRO range of ONE SUP boards is the board in the line that just has speed on tap.


Already proving to be a winning design around the world the edge pro has a very aggressive pulled in and cutting nose which flows into round rails the length of the board. Dugout cockpit and keeping a wider tail also helps add amazing stability no matter where you stand on the board.


Primary use is long and flat but the EDGE PRO also has a amazing feel in light bumps and has the great bonus of still being easy to turn on those tighter course races.




The FLATWATER FAAST PRO is the ultimate proof of what technology can do.
Possibly the lightest, definitely one of the strongest and toughest constructions available in the water. Double vacuum, full wrapped balsa sandwich, and an amazingly fast shape,
that’s as stable as can be.

If you are looking for an extremely faast flatwater board with maximum glide and stability this is the one for you. You will be able to go less wide than what you thought

14′ X 21.5″ @ 256 L

14′ X 23″ @ 273 L

14′ X 24.5″ @ 291 L



The ALLWATER FAAST PRO was designed for the Carolina Cup for Kelly Margetts to compete.
A race that starts in the ocean but then is a grind in the flat before returning to the ocean and you never know what the ocean will be like on the day. We tested it for months in everything and it failed to disappoint.

Requirements when designing was that it had to be stable for long distance, easy to ride bumps and control in general ocean conditions but also be competitive in the flat.

Perfect for downwind, rougher conditions, still flatwater.

14′ X 24″ @ 294 L

14′ X 25.5″ @ 312 L

14′ X 27″ @ 330 L



THE ALLROUND FAAST PRO is what its name says!!!

A race board designed for any possible conditions to give you an edge when its all happening. Rough ocean, Downwind, Flatwater, Races, Training, Fun, APP, Eurotour…
This board has a flatdeck design.

With a rough water focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind also.
When you want one board that does it all, its this FAAST.

12’6″ X 24″ @ 228 L

12’6″ X 25.5″ @ 242 L

12’6 X 27″ @ 256 L

14′ X 24″ @ 284 L

14′ X 25.5″ @ 301 L

14′ X 27″ @ 319 L



The OCEAN FAAST PRO is a race board designed for rough ocean conditions.
With a downwind focus in design the board works well upwind and crosswind also.

Great board for those who are lucky enough to live in an area where the wind blows a lot.
WA, MAUI, NEW CALEDONIA etc. Or a board to add to the quiver if you want the perfect board for all conditions.

14′ X 24

14′ X 25.5″

14′ X 27″