Foils and Boards

Tombstone SUP


This is a specific foil board design, not a surf/foil crossover board. Dave Boehne created this specific design through 2 years of R&D and testing.

The boards carry a specific flat foilboard rocker as so the angle of attack between board and foil are parallel and provide the most control flying and pumping in between waves. The volume is shifted back in the design to compensate for the foil in the back half of the board and to provide higher volume to compensate for the foil tail catching waves. The bottom rails are angled to help skip off the water surface when the pilot touches downs occur and make it very forgiving. We’ve also added a “kick” tail behind the foil for more aggressive pumps in between waves.

The deck is flat and progresses to a slight concave in the tail to promote the back foot to find the center line of the board and helped get the rider in the exact position directly from take-off. We currently only offer the 2-track style foil application as well as front and back foot strap option,, all of which are reinforce with high density anchors for strong install and minimal failures.


Sup Foil

ZK MINI SUP – Designed for the Ultimate foiling experience.

 The Shape of the new trend is designed based on the Concept of our original ZK line : A compact yet voluminous shape offering much more pumping ability and maneuverability along with easier take off.

 Due to its well balanced stability, all level riders can enjoy this model in various conditions : Surf, down wind or flat water.

Size available : 

– 5’6″ x26″x4 11/16 : 100L

– 5’9″x26 3/4”x4 7/8 : 112L

– 6’2”x27 1/2”x5” : 130L  














Axis Foils


The AXIS Freeride Aluminium foil is a freeride foil system like no other.
AXIS’ unique and rugged G10 wings are designed with a non-laminar flow foil section which means that they are easy to ride and easy to maintain.
The red anodized aluminum mast sections connect perfectly with precision CNC machined fuselage and base plate.
Stainless steel torx screws connect the components with included premium Tef Gel Anti-seize lubricant for maximum corrosion resistance.
It all packs into a handy travel case.
AXIS Aluminum Foil
Included mast length: 90cm (35.4 inches)
Optional mast lengths: 45cm (15.7 inches), 60cm (23.6 inches), 105cm (41.3 inches)
Included front wing: 145 Standard
Optional front wing: 125 Speed

The AXIS Freeride Foil wings are CNC cut from very strong and durable Black G10 fibreglass epoxy sheet.
They utilize a non-laminar flow foil section, which means the surface of the wing is less critical than a typical laminar flow foil, so scratches or abrasions won’t cause a noticeable change in performance of the foil.
In addition to the standard 145 Front Wing, we offer the 125 Speed Wing.
The AXIS Fuselage, CNC cut from cold forged Aluminum, and CNC cut Base Plate have been precisely shaped so the mast sections fit in a 20mm deep socket. This provides the strongest junction and eliminates unwanted movement.
While the standard mast included in the AXIS Aluminium Freeride Foil setup is the 90cm (35.4 inches), we have optional masts in 450mm (15.7 inches), 600mm (23.6 inches), and 1050mm (41.3 inches) lengths to follow rider progression and local conditions.
We have used a custom Red Anodized finish on our foils, which protects the Aluminum from corrosion, and looks cool!
All of our components use the 316 SS Torx screws to connect. After extensive testing, we have found that Torx doesn’t strip as easily and our customers can get a tighter connection with it. A Torx driver is also included in the kit. Also included is a tube of Tef-Gel anti-sieze lubricant to protect against corrosion in the harsh marine environment.

The Aluminum Foil comes in a travel case that can store multiple mast sections and wings.



SUP, Prone, Kite or Wake. These foils can be sized for any water sport. Carbon front wing sizes in 1900, 1600 and 1300sqcm and carbon stabilizer sizes matched to suit. Packages include 70cm aluminum mast, all hardware, dual track mount and a storage bag for all the components 

Takuma WING ride

Obviously ideal for Foil practice, the Wing Ride will also complement SUP practice (Long SUP, ISUP) or even skate only from 12 knots. Ultra compact, it can be carried everywhere and inflated in 1 minute. Thanks to the different formats, even the youngest can enjoy it.

Our Wing Ride was designed to provide a simple and performing practice. The thick profile on the center optimizes the power and shape dihedral and stability. The large central window provides a 360° view and the reinforced stiff handles ensure a perfect and comfortable control.

Finally, reinforcements on all leading edge seams and protections (Kevlar) and on ears (aramid) protect from frictions and all practice related hazards for a better sustainability.

Available sizes: 3m / 4m / 5m

Delivered with: WING / Backpack / Pump / Repair kit


– Fast air valve

– Leash Attachment

– Reinforced stiff handles

– Double Inflation System

– Paddle Attachment

– Windows

5M Wing – $1100

4M Wing – $1050

3M Wing – $1000